We are seeking to be a non-profit organization promoting and enabling the idea of open and accessible public data in the greater Fargo area.

Hack Fargo Mobile

Join us December 3rd for Hack Fargo, sponsored by AT&T. The focus of this Hackathon is mobile. Prior to the start of the event, several APIs will be published for use. The goal of the hackathon is to build an app, website, prototype, etc. using any number of the APIs and/or datasets listed below (or any others that you may find). The challenge is doing this in only four hours! Use as many tools at your disposal to get as far as possible by the end of the event. Specific APIs for this hackathon will be published one week in advance.

Host / Facilitator: Blaine Booher

Sponsored by AT&T

Additional Sponsors

Emerging Prairie, Myriad Mobile, Clifton Labs, Today Made, Arthur Ventures, Sycorr, Hack Fargo, The Title Company, Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM), MSUM College of Business and Industry, Sundog, Evolution 1

Why Hack Fargo?

Our local governments collect and retain mountains of valuable data. However, this data lives and dies within the bounds of city hall. Communities and organizations across the country have demonstrated how we can use this open data to make our lives more awesome. Help us in our mission to start the open data revolution right here in Fargo!

Who are we

We are a group of concerned community members in love with the idea of improving the way we interact with our government. We are developers, designers and social entrepreneurs brought together by the beauty of Startup Weekend Fargo 2014. We launched our organization by creating a single application programming interface that unleashes the potential of one of the many datasets to awesome tools and analytics.

Credits and other stuff
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